Why Do I Need To Update?

We cannot express how vital it is that you perform these updates are to make sure your site performs at its best and to keep the core of your site current as the internet updates and changes. Imagine your site is a like a garden. In its prime – like right now – everything you see is perfect; the weather is not too cold or too hot, flowers are in full bloom, fruits and veggies are ready to harvest and the forecast for tomorrow is the same.

Someone with a green🍃thumb knows that you need to spend the necessary time and effort to maintain a ‘beautiful garden’ you need to water, weed, and protect plants from pests and exposure to frost and damaging storms. To protect and maintain a pristine level of functionality and security for your ‘beautiful website’, you must devote the same sort of consistent care that a gardener would give to their prized garden.

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Some Helpful Info

Below are some weekly and monthly tasks that should be performed to ensure optimal website performance.

Our care plans will ensure that your website doesn't lose valuable information with the backups and restores needed to keep your site performing at optimal standards. We are WordPress experts and have 20+ years combined experience in our industry.

It is our business to know and understand the most current online website requirements and tips & tricks to keep your site functional and healthy. We’re here when you need us with site back-up every 24 hours and site restore superpowers to bring things back to normal to within the 24 hours before the site was jeopardized.

This may have been the last thing on your mind, but don't worry - we've thought of everything. We partner with FLYWHEEL, an incredible ally, to provide you with speedy and personalized hosting for your website. You can rest easy knowing your website is in good hands and if you should experience any trouble, in any time zone, at any hour, our 24/7 hosting support team will be here for you to save the day!