Hands free review management

Our dashboard is an automated reputation and review management tool that allows you to reach out to your customers through an email drip campaign and a text message drip campaign.

Get a second chance

Professional review management gives you a second chance to make things right with an unhappy customer. When a customer rates their experience with a low star-rating, you will have the opportunity to work through a solution for their complaint or grievance offline. You are in control of selecting the star-ratings and reviews that are published online.

hands free system

This is the most effective and flexible review funneling system, whether you are a one location business or your have many location. Business owners love our easy-to-use features:

  • Easy Contact Upload
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Automated Email Campaign
  • Automated Text Campaign
  • Automated MMS Drip Campaign

automated campaigns

Our automated reputation and review management tool will allow you to easily reach out to your customers through an email drip campaign and a text or MMS drip campaign. The user-friendly design will guide and direct your customers to the specific review sites that you select to leave a positive review about their experience with you.

some more of our features

custom landing pages

Build your brand online with custom landing pages, text messaging and emails. Introduce your product or services under your own brand and promote your messaging and identity through different forms of content like pictures, video and written content.

Segment reviews

Professional review management will allow you to easily channel and segment online customer reviews to identify potentially harmful negative reviews before they are published online. This will give you time to correct any misunderstandings before your customer goes online.

email & text campaigns

Customize email and text message campaigns with your own content and template. Schedule the sequence and timing of messages you'd like to send to your customers. Our system will manage your campaigns with automated dispatch, follow-up and removal to the campaign recipients you choose and will ensure they are removed if they respond to avoid annoying them. Our system will also ensure that no recipient is duplicated in the campaign.

auto share reviews

Kudos! Receiving a positive review is a great boost to your confidence. But what you may not know is that sharing your positive reviews in social media is a great boost for your online reputation. Our review management system will automatically post positive reviews into your social media accounts from any platform where you receive a 5-star review.

website widgets

Adding our website widget is easy and will improve your online reputation by streaming positive reviews directly on your site. These brilliant little widgets capture reviews on your site, from emails and even QR codes.

kiosk opt-in form

One of the many wonderful features of our review management system is the easy-to-use kiosk option. Simply load your review system onto any tablet, smartphone or any other mobile device to instantly add your customer's information. Utilizing an in-office or in-store kiosk gives you the advantage of post-sale instant contact with your customers through your automated drip campaigns.

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