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469 Design is a Utah-based web design company committed to building quality, custom websites at a fair price. With over ten years of experience in the digital marketing and web design industries; our team members are experts at what we do.

There is a gap between other web design companies and business owners who just want to understand and utilize the digital space. Filling that gap means caring deeply about doing what is right for the customer and making our services affordable and accessible for everyone.

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4·6·9 Design is a veteran-run, tried-and-true, made-in-America brand. We spend mornings sipping coffee and live for the weekends to catch up with friends and neighbors over a cold beer.

We advocate for small businesses and are strong supporters of our community and our country. We are always good for a joke, but will get the job done on-time with no compromises. We are a friend you can trust.

Featured Website: Cutting Edge Tactics and Training

Cutting Edge Tactics and Training is located in Casper Wyoming. Cutting Edge is here to provide that path forward by providing high-quality training that is applicable to real-world scenarios and environments. At Cutting Edge, you will learn more than just basic marksmanship and safe weapons handling. You will be given the tools, both physical and mental, necessary to defend your family and community successfully.

469 Design helped to establish this new small business online with a custom Appointment system, Google presence, and a shiny new website. Through working closely with Michael, we were able to help determine an online business model that includes a custom appointment system, the ability to showcase past services in an interactive gallery, and easily communicate with customers through a custom-built booking and reservation form for specialty and personalized training.

We are proud to work with this Marine Corps Veteran to help realize his dream to provide every American with life-saving training and turn it into a thriving local and online business.

Some of Our Work

This incredible business whose previous hosting company overcharged for outdated and substandard services. This amounted to an outrageous 120 days offline last year! The web developers at 469 Design sprung into action and rebuilt their website with all the bells & whistles + successfully launched in less than 24 hours. *Huge shout-out to the crackerjack team at FlyWheel for going above and beyond!

Organizations, regardless of profession, face increasingly complex challenges requiring well-trained personnel and proven methods to make timely, informed decisions. Future training will have to meet more demanding requirements and become even more focused, realistic, efficient, and robust. This requires highly experienced subject matter experts with recent, relevant operational or industry experience.

Inspired by teamwork, culture, passion, opportunity, and education. Portfolio. values an uplifting and innovative environment, where relationships are built and sustained. We are creating a space that encourages teamwork, inspiration, and confidence. We want everyone in Portfolio. to feel inclusive and inspired. We encourage every individual to find their strengths and to build on that true passion.