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We are devoted to providing premium, affordable website designs for the most amazing, hard-working unsung HERO - the small business owner.

"I am working with Mike Adams to get an account set up for a client; he's an absolute gem -- so genuine, kind, and helpful. Sometimes men in marketing tech have a way of talking down to women, but Mike doesn't do that, taking the time to explain the service's features and options with great clarity and patience (I have lots of questions!). Highly recommended!"
Sandee Jackson
Business Owner

designing your website

Tell us about your online intentions and objectives so we can design the perfect website to fit your company’s needs. Take a few minutes to fill out WEB DESIGN REQUEST FORM and tell us a little bit about your online needs, likes and expectations.

Customizing to your needs

Our fully-customizable designs can be as detailed or simplified as you wish. Let us showcase the value of your business and what you have to offer. While every website design project is unique, we understand the most effective features to maximize the value of your website for your customers, including:

  • Tactile and Texture Details
  • Subtle Animation to direct your visitors attention
  • Complimenting or Monochromatic Color Palettes
  • Card or Tile Layout for content clarity
  • Immersive Navigation with Meganavs (nested dropdown menu)

getting you in front of the world

Your new website will be locally optimized to maximize your exposure and ensure your business information and site link pop-up in local search results. Experience the power of a finely-tuned, well-optimized website presented to your ideal audience – online users searching for products or services in your industry.

just some of our cool features

custom forms

Offer your company's forms directly on your website to digitize and streamline necessary paperwork. Easily collect the customer information you need with customized forms, including:

Sign-Up Form • Contact Form • Order Form • Feedback Form • Event Registration • New Member Form • New Patient Form

mobile friendly

All of our website designs are responsive and mobile-friendly. Your site's functionality will display for optimal usability on mobile devices. Potential customers on-the-go will have the ability to easily navigate your site on their smartphone or tablet.

professional content

Let us help you communicate your company's goals, objectives and intentions with premium, original content. Build your brand online by engaging customers with well-written, insightful content. 4·6·9 Design is pleased to offer affordable, professional copywriting for SEO optimized online content. Ignite consumer interest and shape a credible online reputation with thoughtful, meticulous copy.

seo friendly

Every website we design is maximized to be SEO friendly to increase your placement in search engine results pages (SERPS). Our optimizing strategy focuses on the search intent of your target audience to present your site's main topic content to Google and other search engines. Local optimization connects you with potential customers searching online for your specific products or services.


Your website is a direct reflection of you and your business. Our affordable, user-friendly designs have full functionality and look amazing on every user platform.