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For over a decade I have worked in the digital marketing and website design industry. Through my experience, what has come to light is the success that comes from honest, genuine business practices that work. But without stead-fast focus to retain these important business practices, I have witnessed the fall of those very same companies as corners were cut and that original clarity became murky.

After working for many website design and digital marketing companies over the years, I had seen what works and what does not. I have seen companies take care of their customers when they first start and their projects are running smoothly, however, after a few months, they treat their customers as just another number or transaction. They are more focused on getting the customer out of their system and moving on; not caring about the outcome and the customer after they move on.

I have seen companies go above and beyond to take care of their new customer’s needs and address every concern in the beginning when their projects are running smoothly. However, as time goes by, the ‘flavor of the month’ customer is not given the same attentive care as before. As these ‘once great’ companies lose sight of what really matters, their customers begin to feel neglected as their needs are no longer met with the timeliness or quality they’d come to expect.

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I decided that I did not want to work with others that did not share my values and ethics, so I started 469 Design. Our core principle is to make the customer’s needs a priority and make them feel like they are the only customer we have. Our attentive customer care approach ensures our customers are updated and consulted during every step of the process – from beginning to end.

With open and transparent business practices, 469 Design ensures our customers fully understand the work and results that they receive. Our customer care Is the best in the industry and we are constantly striving to improve. We are proud to stamp our company name on our unique and effective collection of premium online products and will answer all of your questions to help you understand their value to your online business.

The 469 Design team truly enjoys the incredible friendships and beneficial professional relationships that we have forged with our customers over the years. We have gained a unique perspective of the ambition that drives small business owners. We love seeing our services and products work in unison to help our customers realize their online potential and achieve online success.

Mike Adams – Head Guy – 469 Design
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The 469 Design motto is, “Traditional Values in a Digital World” – it is who we are and how we do business. We are Mike and Melissa Adams and have been married for 27 years, have three kids, three grandkids and one dog, and one cat. Our vision is to provide high-quality website design and valuable online services at an affordable price without compromise.